Tile, Where have you been all my life?!?!?!

If you are like me and following the emerging technology space of Internet of Things (IoT) with great products like garageio and Nest; you have most likely seen Tile.

What is tile?

The square plastic Tile measures less than 1.5 inches.  It can attach to an item by hook, ring or adhesive and uses a Low Energy Bluetooth signal to record the last place it was left. The tile is able to alert the user visually on their IOS or Andriod phone and by a unique melody from the Tile itself (if within 100 feet of the item). Individual Tiles sell for $25, four-packs for $70, eight-packs for $130 and 12-packs for $180. The free app is available of IoS and Andriod.

My Insight

“Where the hell are my KEYS?!?!?”  I have been saying that all my adult life.  Looks like California has come through again for forgetful people like me. (I just wish I could have thought of this).  Nick Evans and Mike Farley, a couple of Engineers from San Mateo, CA, started Tile. The small, start-up company has been very successful.  Tile has grown as a business from 10 to 20 employees and selling and shipping Tile in over 30 Countries. Not too bad for a short amount of time.

It’s great to see small businesses succeed.  Its what makes me have faith in the entrepreneurial spirit of the United States.  Little guys can still succeed and break through market barriers. Its amazing how an idea can spark into a prototype, then to a product that’s market ready (though, it’s easier said than done).  Its not an easy task.  I know some friends are still trying to make it and find that sweet spot to succeed.  It will happen for them, I know it will, just gotta keep on moving……



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