Traveling to the World Pipe Band Championships: Planning

I am going to write a series of posts related to my experiences and insights with The World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow, Scotland.  Along the way, I will be added some tips and some ‘I wish I would have done this’ or ‘I should have thought of that’ advice.  Also, Interviews from fellow band-mates who travel with me.  In this first post, I will provide an intro to the trip and planning.

Nine months ago…

Capital City Pipes and Drums brought forth a question to the members of the band.  “Do we want to go to ‘The World Pipe Band Championships’ in Glasgow, Scotland?”  Yes, Scotland.  A little background here: ‘The World Pipe Band Championships’ is where the ‘crème de la crème’ of pipe bands go to compete.  It’s also the biggest and most prestigious.  Pipe Bands from all over the world make the journey to Glasgow.  Bands from India, Canada, Ireland, Australia, The United States, and many more are represented.  All pipe bands agree that it’s a big deal and HUGE honor to compete there. So, we, as a band, were all for jumping at the chance to play on the Glasgow Green.

Capital City is VERY fortunate to be the recipient of funds from a piper and benefactor, John G. Underwood.  Mr. Underwood played and performed with Capital City before his passing.  Thanks to Mr. Underwood, every voting/eligible member of Capital City had their flight and hotel paid for to Scotland.

The Plan…

I volunteered to sit on the planning committee alongside our Treasure, Quartermaster (one responsible for equipment, uniforms, and other supplies the band needs), and a piper.  We took terms hosting the four of us to meet.   We spent time and separating out the major question that needed to be answered:

What is our budget?

Where is the band going to stay?

Where are going to practice?

How are we going to travel the completion on the day?

How to deal with band-members different arrival and departure schedules?

This is what we came up with:

  • Each eligible band-member had an equal amount of money to reimburse on travel costs
    • Drummers had a check-baggage voucher due to the fact drums are big and bulky.  Can’t really carry on a drum(especially our bass drum) like pipers can
    • All band-members were responsible for transportation to and from airport and hotel
  • Band reserved hotel rooms for all band-members and supporters
  • Hotel will be cover for each band member, but not their guest(s)
    • For example, if two band-members stayed in one room, that room was paid for. But, if there was a band-member and a spouse, the band-member would be responsible to paid for 1/2 the room
  • Band reserved and paid for a coach bus to take us to and from the competition
  • Band-members DID NOT receive a per diem, all food and entertainment was to be paid for by the band-member
  • Band reserved and paid for a rehearsal space.


We were off and running! Now that we had a plan and fiscally ready to go to The Worlds, now all we needed was music……..

Stay tuned for my next post on Preparing for the worlds: Music and Rehearsals.


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