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Entrepreneurial spirit that looks at challenges head on and overcomes them.
Zach comes to us from Kansas City, MO, but now lives in Columbus, OH. Zach studied and majored in Business from Park University. Zach has a deep passion for technology and how it used to solve problems. He looks forward to challenges and makes a point to learn something new everyday. Customer service and business acumen has always been a part of Zach’s professional life. He strives for the best at everything he does. Zach works with Zak, Dave, and Greg to collaborate with them about where the team should go from a business perspective. Garageio is synonymous with innovative. Zach states “ I have the privilege of working with and beside some of the best minds in the world of connected devices. The level of collaboration we have as a team is like no other I have ever experienced!” Zach believes that using the technology available to us today will make our lives easier and a little less hectic tomorrow.